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Courses Feedback

‘This was probably the most informative and enjoyable course I have ever attended’.

‘Though a serious technique to learn, I have not laughed so much in two days for years!  A magical weekend of learning and comradeship’.

‘I love the fact that you don’t take anyone on the course who doesn’t have a therapy background’.

‘A lot of information, very effectively and supportively delivered.  Instructors very friendly and approachable’.

‘I am amazed at the effectiveness of EFT!  The course was intense but so worthwhile.  A really professional job’.

‘Training delivered in a really clear, relaxed, interactive manner.  Confidence soared really quickly’.

‘I loved the relaxed feel of the course.  It really was an excellent learning environment with two wonderful caring people’.

‘Really well thought out, a great two days, I feel that I have learnt so much in a short space of time’.

‘Lively, informative and really enjoyable.  Congrats to the Key 2 Empowerment “brill” team!’

‘I began the day a sceptic and ended a believer!’

‘I like the fact that you take part so much and don’t just sit and listen’.

‘Very friendly and relaxed learning environment; really good investment in time and money’.

‘A brilliant course, clearly presented, lots of practice time, all my questions answered.  Would happily recommend to others’.

‘A very fun and safe learning environment’.  

‘Felt there was a happy medium between laughing and learning – brilliant.  I had a great time and still managed to retain the important bits!’

‘Absolutely brilliant course! It has improved my confidence, knowledge and awareness. I will be using the new tools often!’

‘Really enjoyed it and how it will open up new possibilities in my work’

‘This was an interesting, informative and fun day. I learnt a lot from Ben and Steve and will come to another workshop!’

‘Really enjoyed the day. Lots of practice. Will come again!’

Student Feedback

Key2 Empowerment Prides itself on the quality of its courses

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