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Applied EFT Applied EFT is EFT pure and simple. This is not a play on words, rather it is an accurate description of how we regard and teach this amazing technique. Applied EFT is the EFT that we first studied in 2006, the EFT we were taught by a Gary Craig approved trainer using Gary Craig approved training material. Over the years many trainers have put their own ‘stamp’ on the EFT they teach and passed it on as being EFT. This has caused variations to the content and even the character of the EFT being taught. In Applied EFT we have ‘ring fenced’ those characteristics of EFT that we believe are essential to make it such an effective aid. EFT is simple. To some trainers this simplicity is somehow EFT’s Achilles heel, whereas in Applied EFT we embrace this simplicity and steer away from the desire to complicate or ‘pad out’ EFT.
What is Applied EFT Physically, Applied EFT is identical to the traditional EFT. However, it does differ in less noticeable ways Applied EFT is taught as a ‘Tool’ not as a therapy Central to Applied EFT is the ‘Common Effect’ principle. Applied EFT is only taught to qualified therapists, hypnotherapists, counsellors and coaches. There is no underlying belief structure as to how it works. Tool not a Therapy As a result of practising and teaching EFT for many years, the partners at Key2 Empowerment have always felt that the true strength of EFT rested with its simplicity and flexibility. It is easy to learn and to use. From experience, Key2 Empowerment Partnership observed that in all cases EFT depotentiated or weakened the emotional element that existed within the presenting issues. By doing so the client’s logical mind was better able to process and ‘think’ differently. Without guidance or coaching as to how to process differently, there is always the possibility that a client could ‘re-educate’ themselves back to the ‘old’ way of thinking. Therefore, Applied EFT is regarded as a tool that enhances the effectiveness of other modalities and therapies, increasing their efficacy. Common Effect Principle Because Applied EFT is taught as a tool it is important that some guidance accompanies it. The Common Effect Principle is that guidance. If five people present five different issues to a single EFT practitioner that practitioner can be confident of creating a positive shift for all five. However, in Applied EFT we maintain that although the practitioner creates five positive yet differing shifts, the practitioner is not in fact doing five different things. In each of the five cases the practitioner is reducing the impact of the emotional element of the issue. As all issues comprise of an emotional element the Common Principle holds true for presenting issues as varied as chronic pain, phobias and lack or loss of confidence. Taught to qualified persons. Key2 Empowerment Partnership also felt that providing this very effective modality to persons without experience or skill in dealing with clients in a therapeutic context, could prove problematic to the client and practitioner. Therefore, it is only taught to those with an existing ‘toolset’ and the experience to use it. Students are encouraged to develop their own method of integrating Applied EFT with their other therapies. No underlying belief structure Key2 Empowerment Partnership accept that there are a great number of scientifically verified papers that evidence the effectiveness of EFT. There is, however, no similar proof as to how EFT works. The meridian explanation is but one put forward to explain the modality’s effectiveness. As there is no solid proof as to how EFT works, Key2 Empowerment do not teach any belief system as part of their training, but rather focus on its practical application. Applied EFT is also divided into two parts. They are: 1. Process 2. Applications Process The process is the actual physical element of EFT as in the evaluation, sore spot, tapping, gamut and re-evaluation. Application These are the selected ‘add ons’ that increase and enhance the flexibility of the Applied EFT Process. They include ‘Choices’, Touch and Breathe, working with submodalities and NVC amongst others. Courses Because it is taught as a tool and only to suitably qualified persons, Applied EFT courses vary considerably from other EFT approaches. Before a student can be certified as an Applied EFT Practitioner they must: -• Attend the classroom input o These are two full day (7hour) sessions o Ratio is one trainer to six students o Assessment is by continuous assessment and final assessed exercise Submit completed written examination paper not more than 4 weeks and not sooner than 1 week upon completion of the classroom input o The pass mark for this examination is 80% Supply requisite number of ‘templated’ case studies within the four-week post classroom period. o These are reviewed and assessed and must prove to the satisfaction of Key2 Empowerment Partnership the student’s ability to use Applied EFT and an understanding of its underlying principles. It is only upon the satisfactory completion of all of the above that an Applied EFT Practitioners Certificate is issued. This certificate is recognised by Balens Insurance in the UK For information on accreditation with the EFT 7 Mindfulness centre For information on course dates
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