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NLP Communications Skill Workshop Rapport Skills Here students will develop the keys skills needed to engage and maintain good communication with another. Rapport is central to how we make an impact on others. State Management Being in the right state of mind for the task at hand aids success. The workshop will teach students how to create and enhance this ‘State’ within themselves and with others. Eye Accessing Skills It is impossible to read someone’s mind and know what they are thinking but it IS possible to know HOW they are thinking! The workshop will show students how to interpret eye movement and how to utilise that information to create even more effective communication and influence. Language Patterns Words have power. They can make you stronger, calmer more confident. They can also weaken you, confuse you and keep you awake at night. They can do all of this and the vast majority of people do not realise the impact words are having on them every day. The workshop helps students to discover the power of words and how to use them! Presentation Skills Students are taught how to employ the above skills in a presenter context. Teachers, coaches, facilitators all benefit from the toolset this workshop provides. Interview Techniques NLP techniques enhances individual’s performance in interviews. Students can ensure they remain calmer and more confident when attending interviews. The workshop is geared to give attendees a ‘hands on’ understanding of a series of select processes that experience has shown to be extremely effective in mastering interpersonal skills and persuasion. The workshop has proven popular with teachers, sales personnel, health professionals, managers, counsellors, hypnotherapists and many others. For further information on course dates
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