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Applied EFT Supervision Applied EFT is taught as a ‘tool’ as opposed to a standalone therapy. Therefore there is no formal requirement for supervision. Key2 Empowerment believes that the mandatory supervision that is currently required to maintain your professional status as a counsellor or hypnotherapist meets the needs for any specific supervision for EFT. The supervision you engage in as a counsellor or hypnotherapist plays a vital part in your development and well-being as a practitioner. Discussing ongoing cases can give alternative opinions and options. Exploring new and different approaches within the world of EFT can guide and excite. Therefore Key2 Empowerment does provide a non-mandatory supervision service for all its Applied EFT graduates. Supervision sessions can be: Face to face o (subject to Covid19 restrictions) at either Billericay or at a location arranged by the client. Online o (Zoom / Teams) Telephone. Sessions cost £30 per hour (additional travelling costs, on a per mile basis will be incurred on face to face appointments where the Supervisor is required to travel) Please contact Key2 Empowerment for further details